Mugwhys Vintage: February 2012

Old Eagle Heights

Old Eagle Heights

28 February, 2012

I thought I'd lost you!

OMG it has taken me a couple of days to remember, figure out how to get back here.

I love the wisteria in flower.  The flowers should cover the arch way more this year. 

21 February, 2012

Having a Hoot!

Having a hoot!  Mucking around with the setting and having a great time.  I think I could get into this. 

Here are some photos of our property on the Gold Coast.

Native Hibiscus

Flowering Red Gum

Wisteria in flower going of archway to the left and eventually over the chook pen.

Gold Coast Hinterland

Living on 10 acres in the Gold Coast Hinterland my days are spent looking after animals, cooking, gardening and crafting. I enjoy Pilates and spend my days picking through op shops and garage sales for bargains to either use or re-cycle into usable and useful things.

The video shows the view from the back verandah of my Cottage, Queenslander home. It was taken a few years ago, I plan to take and show more recent ones as I take them.