Mugwhys Vintage: 2014

Old Eagle Heights

Old Eagle Heights

01 August, 2014

Today's treasure finds..... I'm keeping at least one piece!

Well it has been sometime since I last went "op shopping" and after today's finds I question why I stayed away for so long.  It has certainly wetted my appetite to find more bargains/treasures.  I would say about half of the things are going to wind up in my Etsy shop in one form or another. I am going to make house pants out of the single bed sheets, put a couple of pages from an old book in the frames and maybe keep the beautiful Pyrex dish (green is my colour after all), but I am sooooooo definitely keeping the art glass.  It has already found its place in the lounge room.

01 July, 2014

Just one minute.... Saturday, 28 June 2014

Miss Sally, our neighbour and one of the worlds luckiest pigs.

08 February, 2014

Finally, my New Year's Resolution.....2014

It isn't really a New Year's resolution more like a promise to myself to start and continue (it's always the continuing that lets me down) promoting my on-line hobby.  I enjoy the process of creating and crafting things, re-purposing, altering one item into another.  As always, what to do with the end product? After all you can only use so many twine flowers, strawberry tea cosies, paper boxes etc., etc.  Well, sell them. When I stop enjoying making a particular item I stop and move onto the next. 

I also spend a lot of my time in second hand stores, thrift/op shops and garage sales.  I enjoy the "find", and sometimes I find a place for things in the home (meaning I just can't get rid of them) but mainly I just enjoy them for awhile and again, sell them.  Lately, though, things have just been accumulating and it is now the moment to find new homes for a lot of this excess, no not clutter, but beautiful things.

So this year I am determined, motivated and definitely bursting at the seams with "stuff" to give it a really good go and clear out a lot of these things to make room for the new. For as long as I enjoy myself I am going to spend my time indulging in my hobby.

Repurposed Tea Towels