Mugwhys Vintage: July 2012

Old Eagle Heights

Old Eagle Heights

31 July, 2012

A Birthday Quilt

Well it was my youngest sisters 50th birthday earlier this month and thanks to the suggestion made by my oldest sister, I knew what to get her as a gift, I should say make her and that was a quilt.  I am always collecting fabric from my travels to op shops, thrift stores, car boot sales, garage sales etc. so what better way to use some of it.  The quilt is made from a discontinued sample book of curtain material.  Each piece of material gave me 4 pieces of the same pattern and colour.  The patterns were repeated on different coloured material.  The border is a recent purchase which is also remnant of curtain material.

As I usually do, I get so caught up in the "task", this time making the quilt, I forget to take photos.  I forgot to take any of the sample book before I took it apart, I forgot to take photos of the finished quilt...... I know, how do you forget to take photos of the finished item!!!!!!  At least I got one of Jackie opening the parcel, so you can at least get an idea of what it looked like finished.  I'm going to have to take to trip to her place (3+ hours away) and take a photo or two.  A good excuse, as if I need one to visit. Road Trip.

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30th Wedding Anniversary

Last week was our 30th wedding anniversary, and to celebrate my husband and I went to one of our most favourite places, Byron Bay.  My husband had booked a beautiful bungalow at Belongil beach, with beach front access.  It was lovely, but it did rain most of the time, still beautiful.  We went to Bangalow markets on Sunday morning and  made some great purchases, food and bric-a-brac and then some more food.  What more could you ask for. 

That is Julian Rocks in the distance, a great diving spot.

The light house is still operational and at night is awesome to see (especially relaxing on one of those lazy boy chairs with a glass of bubbly...... ahhhhhh memories).

There was so much I wanted to buy at the markets like these printers drawers.  I have seen them before but it was when Karla posted about them that I knew what I would use one for, but they cost $120 to $150 each so alas I didn't get one. 

27 July, 2012

My Favourite Treasures this week are......

Another great week for finding treasures.  Lately I have been finding some really good stuff, so good I can't bear to part with anything, just as with all these items, I'm keeping the lot.  I don't seem to be able to get rid of anything, not that I'm complaining, it's just that it's starting to get cluttered ....... again.
One of these items I paid more than I normally would for something, preferring to wait until I find the item at a garage sale or in an op/thrift shop, can you guess which item I paid $30 for, which is almost double what I paid for everything else put together.

What a bounty.

In great shape and the perfect place to keep my bread making ingredients.

Just love the shape, colour, pattern and crazing, I just love it, it's about a 4-6 cup size, perfect.

What a lovely cup and saucer, so dainty.

My new herbal tea, teapot and cup. Perfect!!!!!! Now to find a good book.

You can never have enough vases, especially coloured glass ones.

No markings, but my guess 1950's, Japanese maybe. Just lovely, the colours are lovely and bright.

She's stamped Japan on the base so my guess from the 1960's and she is just sooooooo cute.  Reminds me of a Beatrice Potter's charater.  Just adorable.

Another tea towel I hear you say, but this one is special, it is a tea towel piece of art.  It is just amazing, I think I might have to frame this one.  It is number 966 (I think)/1000.  Made by Third Drawer Down (what a great name).

I'm off to have a cup of tea from my new tea pot using my new tea cup. Enjoy you week-end and be safe.

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16 July, 2012

Vintage Tablecloth Collection

Since my Vintage Tea Towel Collection post was so popular I have been thinking about  another display on my ever trustworthy, lets use the sun and the wind to dry clothes for  free,  ol’ Hills Hoist, clothesline.  I have said it before and I have to say it again, things just smell wonderful when dried in a breeze on a sunny day.   So, I have gone through my, I can’t possibly use all of these number, of tablecloths and picked out some of my favourites.  

The clothesline is attached to the reinforced top of  our in-ground 9000gallon/40,000 litre rain water tank (each house has its own tank).  We harvest rain water because it is our only supply of water as the property is  not on the mains water or sewerage (we run an environmental septic system that the 2 houses and unit on the property are attached to, but that’s another post).  All the down pipes feed into the tank and the water is run though an under the sink filter system.  During the drought a few years back we did have to buy our water a couple of times over 10 years (not bad).  There are water carriers that fill the tank with mains water.  It is amazing how little water you can get away with using. We have short showers, use the eco setting on the dishwasher (hand washing uses more water), plant water wise garden plants, don’t leave water running, empty water bottles into plants etc., etc.,  I didn’t mean this post to be about wise water usage tips, back to the tablecloths.  There is nothing prettier than sitting down to a meal that is set on a lovely tablecloth. I love the colours.

This is one of my all time favourites and I have had it for years.  Yes it is plastic, for like a thin soft clear vinyl.  It is one of two that I have, the next picture is of the other one.

My ever present laundry trolley and wicker basket.

No it's not a tablecloth, but I noticed the white azaleas in the pots by the front steps are just about to go into full bloom, yes I got distracted by a pretty white flower.

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14 July, 2012

This Weeks Thrift Shop and Garage Sale Treasures...

Well another great week "op" shopping.  Again, instead of decluttering, as I am meant to be doing for the forthcoming, inevitable move, I am buying more stuff and hence doing the opposite, I'm cluttering up the place.  Having said that, in my defence it is winter and when the house is closed up  to keep the heat in, I think that the more "object d'art" there are around the place the warmer and cosier the place looks and feels.  So in theory I should be able to start decluttering again, say around September, November when it starts to warm up...... we'll see.

I love all these items and will be keeping them all, for now anyway, my favourite item this week has to be The Practical Home Handywoman book.  It is full of crafty, clever, still very relevant handy hints, recipes, patterns and DIY instructions.

Not sure if to use as a spoon rest or hang on the wall, either way I win.
At first, without my glasses I thought this was a Fire King milk glass mug, but with my glasses I see the AVON mark and now think it might have been a shaving mug, again either way I win.

I am definitely more of a dog person, but this cat mug just got my attention, the colours I think and then the price 50 cents and its Churchill Made in England.

Can never have enough, good quality, Pyrex, Coffee Plungers.  This one is a 6 cup and in great shape.

Love the graphics, they are so cute.

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