Mugwhys Vintage: June 2012

Old Eagle Heights

Old Eagle Heights

20 June, 2012

Bright Winter Camellias

I just went for a quick walk around the herb garden.  As it's winter and quite cold there is much happening, the herbs are going along nicely, the lettuces are coming on and the chillies are on their last flush of red just before their final picking before pruning.  Then there is the camellias, oh I wish I knew their names, but alas I don't.  They are just so very colourful and I had to bring some inside to brighten up the place.

19 June, 2012

Last Weeks Treasures

Finally, I am getting around to showing off displaying my finds from last Friday as promised here a couple of posts ago.  Most of the items have already joined existing collections I have.  Those that haven't I'll most likely sell on-line.

And yet another vintage cookbook to add to my ever growing collection of cookbooks.

18 June, 2012

Phew the Pew made it to the verandah..... at last.

The Pew (as mentioned previously here) made it to the verandah, yey!  All I did was wipe it down with warm water and it has come up a treat.  Over the past few weeks we have been doing a bit of decorating and re-arranging on the verandah.  We are supposed to be down sizing and getting rid of stuff seeing that we will be moving, but when we (more so me really, not we) are out and about I just can't help myself when I see something that I like, want and maybe at a push even need, home it comes.

I'm not sure about the hessan cushions, they are the ones I showed you here.  I think I prefer them in their original spot, on the day bed.

Most of these old bottles I found on the property at old burn piles.  For every one bottle I found there must have been 20 or more broken ones.

The container on the left hides our empty glass drink (yes you know it, alcohol) bottles and the container on the right holds the rinsed empty plastic containers and tins all ready to recycle at the local tip, as we don't have rubbish collection here.

15 June, 2012

Another Milestone..... My 50th Post.

I can't believe it, my 50th post, already.  I dodn't even have anything special planned, no link parties, give aways or balloons.  I just have photos of some of the treasures I found while doing my usual Friday after Pilates class, coffee and Op shop hop (5 stores in total).  It's been a bit hard to find anything of late, but I feel I sure made up for it today.  I hope you agree. 


It is now Saturday morning and we have just got back from a church garage sale and OMG, are you sitting down???? Look what I got.

 A church pew and my new potting bench for under the house.


The pew is even complete with gold chewing gum under the seat, should I leave them there or scrap them off???? What do you think?  I'm leaning towards scraping them off.

Yes a church pew, you cannot believe how long I have wanted one of these, but they were always rediculously expensive, this one cost us ...... $50, it was a no brainer, it was coming home with us as for the very old, very heavy work bench/desk....... $30!!!!!!! I nearly wet myself.

As a reward for having to get up early to drive to the church garage sale then enduring an hour or more of me rummaging, then driving home to collect the trailer my beloved other half is gaming on-line (oh the language).  I tell you this to explain why the photos are of them  in the trailer, it's because I'm sooooooooo excited I can't wait the hour or so (more like 3) I'm going to have to wait before they come off the trailer and into their new home.  More photos then.  I'll also put up the photos of the op shop friday collection that I mentioned in the first paragraph.

See What Happens When You Don't Make The Bed

Nicky claims our bed as hers.... and this isn't the first time. Oh the dog hair, out comes the vaccum cleaner, again, at least it was bath day and she was nice and clean and smelt good too.

And this is what happens when we do make the bed, only difference is I get to put a top sheet on the bed so I can shake it off and wash it daily.

14 June, 2012

Tourism Australia's Latest Ad - It's Like Love

Another great Aussie promotion advert.  It's the song/tune that attracts me to this one and of course the beauty of our great land.  I know it's just an ad, but it looks more like a mini National Geographic special.  Ya gotta love Australia...... I do.

05 June, 2012

10 Minute Doggy Bed Makeover for only $4.50!

Well as you know (I'm sure I've mentioned it before), we have 2 Blue Heeler Dogs.  They are what we would call "inside" dogs (others say spoilt).  They spend most of the day out in the front garden where they have the front verandah for shelter, an on tap supply of fresh water and their outisde beds.  At night they come inside, usually after we have eaten (I don't like dogs staring at me when I'm eating, it makes me nervous, ha, ha).  They have inside beds in our bedroom and more often than should be allowed Nicky claims our bed as hers as well.  Now that winter is as good as here, their outside beds looked a bit cold so I decided to give them a quilt each for their beds, not to get under, but to lay on top of, something more snuggly than just the mesh of their hammock beds.  So off to the op/thrift/goodwill shop I went and bought a single bed polyester quilt for $3.50 and a $1.00 single bed quilt cover.  I cut and hemmed both into two pieces and in less than 10 minutes (it took me longer to go to the shops) the girls have had a bedroom makeover.  Reverseable quilts, an easy manageable/washable size.  Something to keep them warm and snug on the chilly days ahead.

Bluey's hammock bed BEFORE the makeover.

Nicky's hammock bed with the cut down and hemmed quilt.  Without a cover I would be washing the quilts every day.

Bluey seems to approve of the quilt cover I chose.

The quilt cover cut into two equal halves.

One side of the quilt cover (I prefer the other side).

The other side of the quilt cover, the side I prefer.  So pretty.

Bluey's bed AFTER the makeover.

04 June, 2012

Did I mention, Lynwood Homestead is For Sale????

I love my life here at Lynwood Homestead and have for the past 20+ years.  For all of this time I have shared the property with my husband, my sister Diana, her husband and my niece.  Over the years we have had several other family members live with us, not in our homes but on the property in the Granny Flat. I have a lifetime of wonderful, happy, joyous memories, but due to changing circumstances, we are now selling.  I'm not sure what is harder, knowing that we will be leaving here (later rather than sooner would be good) or trying to find somewhere else to live that is anything close to what we have here.