Mugwhys Vintage: Another Milestone..... My 50th Post.

Old Eagle Heights

Old Eagle Heights

15 June, 2012

Another Milestone..... My 50th Post.

I can't believe it, my 50th post, already.  I dodn't even have anything special planned, no link parties, give aways or balloons.  I just have photos of some of the treasures I found while doing my usual Friday after Pilates class, coffee and Op shop hop (5 stores in total).  It's been a bit hard to find anything of late, but I feel I sure made up for it today.  I hope you agree. 


It is now Saturday morning and we have just got back from a church garage sale and OMG, are you sitting down???? Look what I got.

 A church pew and my new potting bench for under the house.


The pew is even complete with gold chewing gum under the seat, should I leave them there or scrap them off???? What do you think?  I'm leaning towards scraping them off.

Yes a church pew, you cannot believe how long I have wanted one of these, but they were always rediculously expensive, this one cost us ...... $50, it was a no brainer, it was coming home with us as for the very old, very heavy work bench/desk....... $30!!!!!!! I nearly wet myself.

As a reward for having to get up early to drive to the church garage sale then enduring an hour or more of me rummaging, then driving home to collect the trailer my beloved other half is gaming on-line (oh the language).  I tell you this to explain why the photos are of them  in the trailer, it's because I'm sooooooooo excited I can't wait the hour or so (more like 3) I'm going to have to wait before they come off the trailer and into their new home.  More photos then.  I'll also put up the photos of the op shop friday collection that I mentioned in the first paragraph.


  1. Lol the gum made me laugh out loud. So funny. And gross. haha. I agree though, you should scrape it off.

  2. The gum is gone as is the years of cobwebs and dust. Did I mention how thrilled I am at getting it! (ha ha, I'm sure I have, more than once).

  3. haha Yes! you did. I'm the same way when I'm excited about something. :)


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