Mugwhys Vintage: Today in the Herb Garden

Old Eagle Heights

Old Eagle Heights

06 March, 2012

Today in the Herb Garden

We are running low on our personal supply of Maz (Mazavaroo Chilli), so I have to make some and for that I had to harvest my chillies. With all this rain I'm down on numbers of ripe chillies, but the ones I have are nice and plumb.  I’m going to let the photos and there is quite a few, talk for themselves. 

The Herb Garden

The bush with the most chillies and that isn't that many, sadly.

Yet another chilli plant and Tumeric in the back, both going great guns, the ginger didn't survive unfortunately.
I'll try again next season, it just didn't like all this rain.

The lettuce in the top bed is going great as are the beans in the back of the front bed,
 but sadly the beetroot in the front of the front bed aren't doing to well.
Boo Hoo, I love roasted beetroot salad. Yummmmmm

The sage, golden oregano, basil and thyme are thriving.
I'm hoping the Paw Paw are the red variety, they just come up by themselves from the compost.

White Rhubarb.
Bay leaf tree and rosemary.

Again more chillies, cherry tomatos, peanuts and more tumeric all going well.

Beautiful day lilly.

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