Mugwhys Vintage: Lunch on Mount Tamborine at the Polish Restaurant

Old Eagle Heights

Old Eagle Heights

04 March, 2012

Lunch on Mount Tamborine at the Polish Restaurant

We just got back from a nice lunch up at Mount Tamborine, literally a 20 minute drive from here.  We got a surprise call from Barb and met up with her and Ted.  We had a lovely long laid back lunch, and of course a glass of wine at the Polish Restaurant.  The views are lovely, and the birds a bit of a laugh, albeit very loud.  The food was lovely and company great.  It's was a bit overcast but still nice and pleasant, no wind, thank goodness, that makes all the difference.

The entrance to the Gallerie (Restaurant).
Bob trying to get the bird to sit on his finger.  Bite it more likely.

Can you see the 5 birds on the fence?

Beautiful Canna Lilly in flower, down at the back of the Restaurant, lovely find Barb, thanks.

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