Mugwhys Vintage: This Weeks Thrift Shop and Garage Sale Treasures...

Old Eagle Heights

Old Eagle Heights

14 July, 2012

This Weeks Thrift Shop and Garage Sale Treasures...

Well another great week "op" shopping.  Again, instead of decluttering, as I am meant to be doing for the forthcoming, inevitable move, I am buying more stuff and hence doing the opposite, I'm cluttering up the place.  Having said that, in my defence it is winter and when the house is closed up  to keep the heat in, I think that the more "object d'art" there are around the place the warmer and cosier the place looks and feels.  So in theory I should be able to start decluttering again, say around September, November when it starts to warm up...... we'll see.

I love all these items and will be keeping them all, for now anyway, my favourite item this week has to be The Practical Home Handywoman book.  It is full of crafty, clever, still very relevant handy hints, recipes, patterns and DIY instructions.

Not sure if to use as a spoon rest or hang on the wall, either way I win.
At first, without my glasses I thought this was a Fire King milk glass mug, but with my glasses I see the AVON mark and now think it might have been a shaving mug, again either way I win.

I am definitely more of a dog person, but this cat mug just got my attention, the colours I think and then the price 50 cents and its Churchill Made in England.

Can never have enough, good quality, Pyrex, Coffee Plungers.  This one is a 6 cup and in great shape.

Love the graphics, they are so cute.

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  1. I'm lovin' that French press. And it looks as if you have found the perfect cups to drink it in.

    1. Thank you, I'm guessing you mean the coffee plunger when you refer to the French Press, I've never heard it called that before, but I like it. It sounds so much posher, lol.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, I have used it several times already. It is the perfect size and in such amazing condition for its age and only $8.00. I have been looking for one (of this quality, not a new reproduction) for ages.

  3. Avon, Enid Blyton, vintage mixing bowl, and that handywoman book! Great finds!!

  4. Thank you, I just love looking at them all, they put a smile on my face. I'm using the mixing bowl, the Avon has joined the shaving mug collection in the bathroom and I so enjoying reading the handywoman book.

  5. I am pretty sure it is a wall hanging and it might be chalkware. Fun.

  6. Nice treasures! I love the yellow bowl, so pretty! And i would love to use the strainer as a planter. Thank you for joining us at Cap Creations.


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