Mugwhys Vintage: May 2012

Old Eagle Heights

Old Eagle Heights

29 May, 2012

Cushions, Cushions, Everywhere

Well I have been a bit busy lately, sewing.  I have rediscovered my passion for it.  My passion was reignited when I was asked to make two large dolls, one I introduced you to here, and since then I just haven't stopped.  I have been doing alot of sewing for the Cerebral Pulsy League, making draw string bags, wheat packs and of course the therapy dolls.  I'm also getting alot of inspiration from other bloggers.  This is also where I noticed alot of burlap being used so when I was at the coffee factory buying my fortnightly packet of expresso coffee I noticed the empty coffee sacks sitting on the floor of the factory, so I asked if I could have them and they said yes.  Yippee!!  I only used the burlap on the front of the cushions, using scrap upholstery material for the back.  I didn't bother with buttons or zips, but used velcro...... oh so easy.  I also cheated with the fillings, I bought cheap ($1.00 to $3.00 each) second hand cushions at the op shops, I got the ones that I didn't like the covers but the inners where clean.
So from this!!!!!!!

To this!!!!!

22 May, 2012

Another first.

 Did you see it??? My first "I Was Featured" button.  It's just over to the right under that picture of the Native Hibiscus flower.  Thank you Angie over at Knick of Time Tuesdays.  It's been a very exciting week on my blog first a Guest Collector over at I Love Collecting and now this.  All this thanks to my obsession fondness for vintage teatowels.  Who knew.

21 May, 2012

Verandah Parties

Over the years I have had heaps of “Do’s”.   They aren’t hard core let your hair down type parties, but more of gatherings of friends, like minded people and of course the most important, family.

I can start planning, weeks or even months in advance.  Firstly, I start with a theme, then the menu, then pick the colour scheme, and then I start  sourcing ideas of decorations to make etc., etc.,.  Oh yeah,  let the crafting begin.  I so enjoy the process of having an idea of what you want something to look like and then producing it.  I actually can get lost in it.  Goggle’ing   “free, patterns, craft tutorials etc” to sourcing the materials needed (I try and use as much of the craft resources I have already have which I have collected over the years).  There is no need buying it cheap, collecting it, or storing it for years if you don’t use it, some of it even goes “off”. 
Here are a few of the table settings I have done over the years.  Once the guests arrive I become so involved in the party I usually forget to take photos and every time I tell myself “you must take more photos when people are about”. Next time.

This was for a Pink Breakfast (Breast Cancer) fund raiser.  I bought heaps of Pink Ribbon products and had heaps of raffles and games with everyone a winner, especially breast cancer research.

The little pink treat bag was something I found on the Hermes website.  Everytime I make them (they are filled with goodies) everyone loves them.  Very elegant.

This was Christmas Day 2011, can you guess the theme, yep it was Snowflakes.  I know snowflakes, in the middle of summer in Australia.  We can dream can't we.

Birds of a feather.

Well it has been a bit busy of late, hence the lack of any real posts.  I have been op shopping and getting some really great buys so here are just a few.  More to follow.

The candlesticks look like tortoise shell, my guess is that they are bakelite (I'm hoping they are anyway).  There aren't any hallmarks on the locket, which by the way is just soooooooooo cute, looks and feels like silver.  It also cleaned up beautifully when I used the silver cleaning cloth.  Oh and my favourite is the Beatrix Potter Book.  Love, Love, Love it.  I am going to use the salt shaker for glitter.

I can see a pot plant sitting in the saucepan on the verandah. 

So excited about the two travel clocks, I had been looking for bedside clocks for the spare bedrooms, and here in one shop on one day I get two in excellent working conditions for..... wait for it....... $1.00 each.  Yey. 

A little bit naughtly, but what a flashback this little fella is.

17 May, 2012

My First Guest Collector!!! Yey.

Look see, it's me.  I'm so excited.  My Vintage Teatowel Collection and I were guest collector over at I love collecting.

14 May, 2012

Ring My Bell

This photo is a couple of years old now, but it still makes me smile every time I see it.

Although the Cockatoos are wild they sometimes act as though they  are trained.  They truly are funny to watch, they are the larakins of the bush.

08 May, 2012

Wax Paper, Flower, Tea Light Lanterns.... Tutorial

I used to make these ever sooooo inexpensive and very easy to make lanterns all the time.  I have supplied dozens to friends and family as table decorations for engagements, birthdays and dinner parties.

All you need is:
clean jars
wax paper
flowers (the thinner the petals or leafs the better, I used Bougainvillea)
clean rag
Wax Paper, Hot Iron and Bougainvillea


The Bougainvillea pulled apart, keep the coloured leaf/bracket and discard the stamen

Place paper WAX side UP

Arrange flowers/leafs on paper

Place another sheet of WAX paper, this time WAX side DOWN on top of flowers and other sheet of paper

Put the clean rag/tea towel on top of WAX paper and iron.  The wax melts and sticks together.

Also makes great wrapping paper and I've also seen it used as a lamp shade, attached to the frame with string.

Cut lengths paper to fit your jar, double over and secure in place with string.  Add a tea light candle, light and enjoy.
I'll show you how to make the string flowers another time.

06 May, 2012

Whistle for Milk

It's another long week-end, yes another beautiful sunshiny second day of a three day week-end.  Before I go out into the garden to play I wanted to showoff let you have a "look see" at some of my favourite op shop finds over the past week or so.  It's also a chance to show my new learned skills of editing photos using  (thanks to Tiffany over at for the link in her post "My Favourite Websites, Blogging Resourses" list).

I got all of these in one shop on one day, score!

Love this ice bucket, come biscuit barrel, come rice server, this will be my 7th or 8th ice bucket, they're becoming a bit of an obsession.  I have been playing around adding a 'signature' to my photos, when I remembered that is. 

Another Bone China cup to add to my collection that I use as dessert/pudding bowls.  They are always so cheap, 50c to $1.00 each when they don't have a saucer.

$2.00!!!! for this groovy, my guess 1960's vinyl, mustard coloured handbag.  I do love the 'snap' a good clasp makes when you close it.

Found this beautiful dainty, crochet covered button in the zip pocket. 

I almost only got the green one, I'm so glad the lady talked me into keeping the pair together.  Just a lovely pair of retro cannisters. 

This is my favourite a "Whistle for Milk" (hence the title of this post) child's cup.  The whistle works.  Sooooooooooooooo cute.