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Old Eagle Heights

Old Eagle Heights

21 May, 2012

Verandah Parties

Over the years I have had heaps of “Do’s”.   They aren’t hard core let your hair down type parties, but more of gatherings of friends, like minded people and of course the most important, family.

I can start planning, weeks or even months in advance.  Firstly, I start with a theme, then the menu, then pick the colour scheme, and then I start  sourcing ideas of decorations to make etc., etc.,.  Oh yeah,  let the crafting begin.  I so enjoy the process of having an idea of what you want something to look like and then producing it.  I actually can get lost in it.  Goggle’ing   “free, patterns, craft tutorials etc” to sourcing the materials needed (I try and use as much of the craft resources I have already have which I have collected over the years).  There is no need buying it cheap, collecting it, or storing it for years if you don’t use it, some of it even goes “off”. 
Here are a few of the table settings I have done over the years.  Once the guests arrive I become so involved in the party I usually forget to take photos and every time I tell myself “you must take more photos when people are about”. Next time.

This was for a Pink Breakfast (Breast Cancer) fund raiser.  I bought heaps of Pink Ribbon products and had heaps of raffles and games with everyone a winner, especially breast cancer research.

The little pink treat bag was something I found on the Hermes website.  Everytime I make them (they are filled with goodies) everyone loves them.  Very elegant.

This was Christmas Day 2011, can you guess the theme, yep it was Snowflakes.  I know snowflakes, in the middle of summer in Australia.  We can dream can't we.

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