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Old Eagle Heights

Old Eagle Heights

29 May, 2012

Cushions, Cushions, Everywhere

Well I have been a bit busy lately, sewing.  I have rediscovered my passion for it.  My passion was reignited when I was asked to make two large dolls, one I introduced you to here, and since then I just haven't stopped.  I have been doing alot of sewing for the Cerebral Pulsy League, making draw string bags, wheat packs and of course the therapy dolls.  I'm also getting alot of inspiration from other bloggers.  This is also where I noticed alot of burlap being used so when I was at the coffee factory buying my fortnightly packet of expresso coffee I noticed the empty coffee sacks sitting on the floor of the factory, so I asked if I could have them and they said yes.  Yippee!!  I only used the burlap on the front of the cushions, using scrap upholstery material for the back.  I didn't bother with buttons or zips, but used velcro...... oh so easy.  I also cheated with the fillings, I bought cheap ($1.00 to $3.00 each) second hand cushions at the op shops, I got the ones that I didn't like the covers but the inners where clean.
So from this!!!!!!!

To this!!!!!


  1. OMG! Can we trade homes?! Yours looks positively divine. I can't imagine how much you must LOVE living there. From what I've seen in pictures I think I would die happy there. It looks so beautiful and peaceful.

    I am loving your pillows. Making covers has been on my to-do list for a while and I have yet to get to it. :/

  2. Thanks Karla. Living here is all of those things. We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to be where we are. We are constantly pinching ourselves. We will truly miss it.

    The pillow/cushion covers are sooooooooooo easy to make, especially as they don't have a zipper or any buttons. Sew on Velcro is great.


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