Mugwhys Vintage: Birds of a feather.

Old Eagle Heights

Old Eagle Heights

21 May, 2012

Birds of a feather.

Well it has been a bit busy of late, hence the lack of any real posts.  I have been op shopping and getting some really great buys so here are just a few.  More to follow.

The candlesticks look like tortoise shell, my guess is that they are bakelite (I'm hoping they are anyway).  There aren't any hallmarks on the locket, which by the way is just soooooooooo cute, looks and feels like silver.  It also cleaned up beautifully when I used the silver cleaning cloth.  Oh and my favourite is the Beatrix Potter Book.  Love, Love, Love it.  I am going to use the salt shaker for glitter.

I can see a pot plant sitting in the saucepan on the verandah. 

So excited about the two travel clocks, I had been looking for bedside clocks for the spare bedrooms, and here in one shop on one day I get two in excellent working conditions for..... wait for it....... $1.00 each.  Yey. 

A little bit naughtly, but what a flashback this little fella is.

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