Mugwhys Vintage: Another lovely day on the mountain....

Old Eagle Heights

Old Eagle Heights

22 January, 2016

Another lovely day on the mountain....

Well another beautiful day on Tamborine Mountain.  A few degrees cooler than in the valley, thank goodness.  The gardens are flourishing, not only ours but all around us and we don't even have to water much as the overnight dew takes care of things.  Which is a good thing as we are on tank water.

Now that we have been here a couple of months and we are settling in, I know I keep saying that, but I feel until every last storage box is emptied and every last piece of bric a brac has found a new home (either with us or with someone else) I won't be really settled.

Just a fraction of what we have to part with.

I don't even remember what is in these boxes.

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