Mugwhys Vintage: Too HOT to work outside... So here I am, inside on the computer

Old Eagle Heights

Old Eagle Heights

14 January, 2017

Too HOT to work outside... So here I am, inside on the computer

It is just too hot outside to go or do anything.  Safest and coolest place is inside with the dogs.  Lots of water and something to keep busy with.

I am starting the New Year, as so often before, with plans and promises of getting organised and finally finish down sizing, its been 4 years now.  I am getting there, but I have just come to a bit of stand still. So I have spent the few (hot) days reorganising my work space.  I hadn't intended to do it, so no "before" photos, but I can tell you the difference is "night and day".

I have been able to give, sell, trade and gift sooooo many things, but we are still overwhelmed by how much "stuff" we have.  I am so glad we started downsizing now and not in another 10 years.  It might take us until then to accomplish the perfect balance of "things".

The work space where I take photos for my Ebay (if you like what you see have a look here) and Etsy listings works well.  It is close to the window and the best time for me to take photos is definitely in the morning, so up goes the blinds, in comes the light and away I go.

I also have a craft area, but that still needs some work.

There's one dog, enjoying the air conditioning.....

..... and here's the other one.  Spoilt or what!

Best ever photo station.  I don't have to put in up and pull it down each time.

The craft/sewing area, but that's another time, still too messy.

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