Mugwhys Vintage: Tart Up An Old Tin

Old Eagle Heights

Old Eagle Heights

30 April, 2012

Tart Up An Old Tin

I am always short of storage containers to try and help me keep my work (play) area clean and tidy (at least I try). A couple of Christmas' ago I covered these tin cans in white contact paper and used them on the dinner table with coloured pencils and pens for guests to use on the paper placemats, that is why they look a little bit "old", I diverse, back to the tins.  They needed a makeover and as I said I always need more storage.  The tins were already cleaned, dried and covered in white contact.   I had the ribbon and was looking for a project. 

Materials needed for project are:
White contact
Craft glue
Ribbon/ hessian/ material
As a photo is worth a thousand words I’m hoping the pictures tell the story.

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